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Is your estate plan missing a power of attorney document?

For most people, the idea of estate planning means just creating a will so that their surviving loved ones will know what should happen with their property. However, an estate plan can include far more than just a will and focus on more than just topics related to after-death matters. In fact, you can use your estate plan to detail how you want certain matters handled while you are still alive in the event that you cannot handle them yourself.

In particular, you may want to consider including a power of attorney document in your estate plan. The possibility exists that anyone could become seriously injured or ill, or otherwise suffer an incapacitating event and need someone else to handle his or her personal affairs. You undoubtedly do not want just anyone in charge.

The terms of your commercial lease are important

Finding the right commercial space for your Washington, D.C. business is not easy. It's expensive, and the market is competitive, and you know you need to move quickly when you find something that works for your budget and needs. It's easy to see why it's tempting to rush through this process, but it may be more prudent to slow down and carefully review the terms of your agreement first.

The terms included in your commercial lease matter. While it may seem much simpler to just sign the agreement, it's in your interests to look at what's included and perhaps even negotiate on the terms. Before you move forward, you may also find it beneficial to seek experienced legal guidance to review the contract and ensure you are not exposing your business to any unnecessary risk. 

Mistakes with your estate plan could cost you later

You may know that planning for the future is important, but you may not be sure where you should even start with that process. Like many others, you may know that a basic will can allow you some measure of control over what will happen in the future to your estate, but that's not all you need. Even for the most basic estates and simplest wills, it is prudent to try and avoid missteps. 

If you make a mistake with your estate plan, it can eventually lead to problems for you down the road. Errors in the planning process may not be evident until much later when it is time to settle the estate. Making sure you do not commit any errors is prudent for your own peace of mind, but it can also be beneficial for your heirs and loved ones in the future.

Why even first-time homebuyers should consider an attorney

You’ve paid rent for too long and have had it up to here with apartment living. After budgeting for student loans and bills, you saved up for months and are ready to buy a home or condo of your own for the first time. You’re not alone.

Young adults (ages 22-38) are increasingly purchasing homes in the Washington D.C. area, though cautiously. Most are being particularly mindful of the income-to-housing cost ratio, with the median ratio for that age bracket dropping to 15.8%. There’s nothing wrong with that – it’s smart to be frugal, especially with so many other things to spend money on. But if you’re venturing into the home-buying market for the first time, there are some good reasons to consider getting help from an attorney.

What to know before filing a civil case in D.C.

Many people understand that civil cases don't have indictments or enter pleas. You'll find those things in a criminal case instead. Understanding the benefits and limitations of civil court can allow you speak more confidently before you file a claim or consult with an attorney if you choose.

How to avoid foreclosure on your home

No one wants to receive a foreclosure notice, but sometimes these things happen. Maybe you lost your job, are going through a divorce or are facing a pile of medical bills. Many situations can make money tight at home.

Whatever the reason you are struggling with your mortgage, you should know there are ways to prevent losing your home. Here is what you need to know about preventing a foreclosure.


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