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What are some common HOA violations?

On Behalf of | Aug 26, 2022 | Uncategorized

A homeowner’s association is a group of people who are in charge of enforcing rules and regulations within a particular community. Some communities that might have an HOA include members of a high-rise condo building or a neighborhood consisting of freestanding houses with yards. HOAs in the DC area greatly vary when it comes to the fees that they charge members as well as the rules that they enforce.

Here are some of the most common HOA violations.

Not tending to the yard

While this is generally not so much a problem in apartments or condos, homeowners need to make sure that they upkeep their lawns in accordance with HOA rules.

Parking vehicles where they should not be

In large, crowded cities across the United States, parking spaces are at a premium. It is for this reason that HOAs need to be strict when it comes to where homeowners park and how many parking spaces they allot per residential unit. These restrictions might even extend to guests, particularly ones that stay for a longer period of time. If you visit someone in an HOA area, consider parking in a paid parking garage or taking a taxi or rideshare to their place.

Painting homes a different color

HOAs generally want their properties to have a uniform look, within reason. If you want to paint your house, first consult with the association to make sure your desired color abides by their rules.

By being aware of the most common HOA violations, homeowners can avoid fees and other repercussions.